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The Enspire Brand 

Enspire is a high-end streetwear and lifestyle brand that enspires to inspire today's dreamers. Enspire was founded by Devonte Young, a Walker Mill Road - Capitol Heights, Maryland native, whose dream has always been to be " Worth a Million."

The Enspire Brand aims to serve as inspiration and motivation to all individuals who set out to achieve the impossible and lead a life of persistence, pushing their dreams and striving for success.

The "En" in Enspire stands as a reminder for those who are "En Route." We're all en route somewhere - the question that Enspire poses is:

Where Are You "En Route" to and Who Have You Enspired On The Way?



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Devonte Young talks about the inspiration for the "Mad Clown" bucket hat: The story behind this clown is a rather unique one. See at a point in my life I was so caught up in being in a rush. I didn't know or understand patience, and being in a rush led to me being incarcerated. You want so much so fast that you never think about the consequences until after the fact. The tear drop represents how i felt sitting in that cage. I was Hurt, In Pain, Confused, and lost. I wanted change. And thats what i got. Moral of the story, same things that make you laugh make you cry. #Enspired

"Sad Clown" bucket hat: The expression on this hat represents the up and down emotions one goes through dealing with bipolar disorder. I do not look at having a mental disorder as a negative illness but to use that as a tool to be as creative and out the box as can be. #Enspire

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